As renters and mortgagors we call for a nationwide rent strike and the withholding of all mortgage payments while the Covid-19 pandemic requires people to isolate without security of income and housing.
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Rent Strike Pledge

I believe housing is a human right and that no one should be forced into financial hardship or go without necessities during the Covid-19 crisis. I pledge that I will stop paying rent for the duration of the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) crisis if the conditions that I agree to below are met. I support the demands of Rent Strike Aotearoa.

Our Demands

  1. An immediate amnesty from paying rent or mortgages, and a ban on all evictions throughout the COVID-19 pandemic (to be extended for a a period afterwards to help people recover financially and emotionally).
  2. Long term rent caps to enable people to recover financially and emotionally from COVID-19
  3. The government to buy unoccupied houses (ghost homes) and buildings on the private market for public housing for homeless peoples
  4. Remove all obligations to pay for the cost of temporary emergency housing, and reinstate this as a non-recoverable grant.
  5. No tenants will be left with debts or fines, retaliatory rent increases or retaliation from utility companies
  6. No bad references or rental histories for tenants who don’t or are unable to pay rent